Since 1991, Bioflow has been dedicated to magnetic therapy and designing natural, non-invasive products that help transform lives. We believe that our understanding of magnet technology combined with a commitment to development has positioned us as one of the world’s leading brands in magnet therapy products, delivering benefits that have been recognised for over 25 years.

How Bioflow magnets work

Bioflow wristbands contain a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet. Unlike standard magnets, Bioflow’s Central Reverse Polarity magnet has three poles. When blood passes under this multi-directional field, cells experience an agitating effect. It is this unique effect combined with magnet strength that is essential for the product to be effective. The overall result is to help improve movement and recovery time. 

Esports injuries

Esport players, just like athletes in traditional sports, are susceptible to overuse injuries. One of the most common problems seen in both professional and casual gamers is repetitive wrist strain injury. The motion of gaming is inherently quick and repetitive and both aspects can cause wrist tenosynovitis. This is because muscles have a limited amount of stamina and become fatigued over time. Without proper rest, the tendons begin to develop tiny tears, then these tears become inflamed. The longer we play, the less chance we give our bodies natural response to heal, thus resulting in more tears and inflammation. Symptoms of this wrist injury generally include:

  • pain with grasping/gripping/clenching/wringing or other wrist movements
  • swelling, warmth and redness
  • soreness, aching or tenderness in the hand/wrist/forearm