How Magnetic Therapy Can Help Support Performance

The electronic sports sector is now a $138 billion industry worldwide and is still soaring. As a result, Esport competitors and gamers are looking for both a mental and physical edge to help them turn a potential loss into a win. The smallest advantage can alter everything.

Gaming has serious effect on the body. During training and competition, two things happen to the muscles. Firstly, they are torn and damaged and if the affected area is not allowed to rest and recover, larger tears in the muscle may occur, resulting in missed training time, low levels of energy and reduced performance. Secondly, waste products that lead to a decrease in the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the cells gather in the muscle tissue. This also leads to a breakdown in training and performance.

The pulsing effect of magnetic therapy is designed to improve circulation which in turn, aids healing and stimulates metabolism to speed up the elimination of waste and improve the supply of oxygen to the cells. It’s reported that this regeneration effect leads to a safer, faster recovery after training or competing, allowing you to perform better for longer.

Gamers, just like other athletes, require endurance and recovery benefits from their regime. Unfortunately, gamers face a lack of alternative health options, leading to bad habits that hinder their ability to compete.

Flexible, healthy joints and muscles can turn a good game into a winning game. Bioflow Esport wristbands are the go-to accessory to provide gamers with the long term edge they’re looking for.